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Thursday, February 25, 2021

For Heaven's Sake (1950)

A playwright (Robert Cummings) and his actress wife (Joan Bennett) are too busy with their careers to start a family. Their unborn child (Gigi Perreau) is tired of waiting to be born so she asks the help of two angels (Clifton Webb, Edmund Gwenn) to assist her in getting born. Based on the play MAY WE COME IN? by Harry Segall and directed by George Seaton (THE COUNTRY GIRL). This cloying bit of iron whimsy is hard to swallow. Even Webb's usual dose of acidity is defeated by the saccharine level. Webb's channeling of Gary Cooper is amusing at first but even that gets old after awhile. The movie has the unpleasant 1950s mentality that people who don't want children are somehow unnatural though one can't blame Joan Bennett. Who'd want to have a baby by Robert Cummings! The syrupy score (heavenly choir and all) is by Alfred Newman. With Joan Blondell, Jack La Rue (parodying George Raft) and Tommy Rettig.

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