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Monday, February 8, 2021

Road House (1948)

The owner (Richard Widmark) of a road house near the Canadian border hires a singer (Ida Lupino) to perform at his place but he clearly has more on his mind than business. But when she falls for his partner (Cornel Wilde) instead, things turn ugly. Directed by Jean Negulesco (THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN), this is a wonderfully atmospheric slice of film noir starring two icons of the genre (Widmark and Lupino). The screenplay features razor edged dialogue and marvelously moody B&W cinematography courtesy of Joseph LaShelle (LAURA) as it slowly builds to its intense climax. Widmark does his trademark giggly psychopath act and Lupino gets to sing the classic One For My Baby in her smoky voice. The underrated Wilde brings a solid anchor to the proceedings while Holm does what she can in a thankless role. With O.Z. Whitehead and Ian MacDonald.

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