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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Schusse Im 3/4 Takt (aka Shots In 3/4 Time) (1965)

A strictly guarded NATO missile controller is stolen and falls into unknown enemy hands. The NATO commanding officer (Gustav Knuth) in Paris is given just eight days to find it so he sends his best agent (Pierre Brice) to Vienna to try and recover it. Directed by Alfred Weidenmann, this German spy caper is typical of the 1960s spy frenzy began by the Bond films in 1962. It's rather preposterous and seems a satire on the spy genre in spite of itself. Released in the English speaking markets as SPY HUNT IN VIENNA, the transfer I saw was mostly dubbed into English but with (too) many sequences in German without English subtitles that I suspect were cut from the English version. Annoying but no matter as I was easily able to follow the plot without any problems. It's not a film that one needs to seek out even if you're into 1960s spy movies but it's a pleasant enough diversion if you don't demand too much. With Terence Hill, Senta Berger, Daliah Lavi, Anton Diffring, Walter Giller and Jana Brejchova. 

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