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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Met Him In Paris (1937)

Bored with her dull fiance (Lee Bowman), a young woman (Claudette Colbert) goes to Paris for a vacation and have an adventure. When she meets two other Americans (Melvyn Douglas, Robert Young), an unusual sort of menage a trois begins. It's moderately entertaining with some nice moments, like the lovely ice skating sequence with Douglas and Colbert or the amusing bobsled sequence with all three but the main problem is that the three men are quite unlikable. Bowman is a pompous dullard, Young is deceitful and immature and Douglas is smug and unethical. Why should we care who Colbert chooses? The Switzerland (actually shot in Idaho) sequences are gorgeous to look at and the film at a short 87 minutes doesn't wear out its welcome. With Mona Barrie and a scene stealing Fritz Feld as the desk clerk at their Swiss chalet.

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