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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Tiger Walks (1964)

When a small traveling circus comes through a small town, a tiger escapes from its abusive handler. While hysteria builds up among the adults in the town, the state's governor (Edward Andrews) uses it a political opportunity while the sheriff's (Brian Keith) daughter (Pamela Franklin) starts a campaign to have the tiger taken alive rather than shot and placed in a zoo. For a family friendly Disney film, it's a little darker and there's a bit more cynicism than the usual wholesome atmosphere. In addition to Andrews' opportunistic politician, there's a greedy innkeeper (Una Merkel) more than happy to take advantage of media's presence by bilking them for her rooms, a farmer (Arthur Hunnicutt) is accidentally shot by trigger happy soldiers and a trainer is mauled to death. Physically, it's a rather ungainly looking film (cinematography by William E. Snyder). It was made for cinemas but it has that flat TV movie look. The large cast includes Vera Miles (wasted) as the sheriff's wife, Sabu in his final film (he died before the film was released), Jack Albertson, Merry Anders, Connie Gilchrist, Kevin Corcoran and Peter Brown.

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