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Sunday, November 25, 2012

All Through The Night (1941)

When a German baker (Ludwig Stossel) is found murdered, a popular Broadway gambler (Humphrey Bogart) finds himself involved in a conspiracy by fifth columnist Nazis who have big plans to destroy an American battleship. But the authorities don't believe him and he's on his own. A very odd film, a comedic propaganda piece directed by Vincent Sherman (MR. SKEFFINGTON) that's off key. To its credit, the Nazis aren't portrayed as fools but I still find it hard to laugh at comedies involving Nazis. It's quite watchable mainly because of its familiar cast of character actors but it still had me squirming. The large cast includes Conrad Veidt (who else?) as the head Nazi with Judith Anderson and Peter Lorre as his disciples and Jackie Gleason, Phil Silvers, William Demarest, Frank McHugh, Jane Darwell, Wallace Ford, Barton MacLane and Kaaren Verne (KINGS ROW) as the heroine who sings the title song by Johnny Mercer and Arthur Schwartz.

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