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Friday, November 9, 2012

The First Texan (1956)

The ex-governor of Tennessee, Sam Houston (Joel McCrea), travels to Texas to start anew. But no sooner does he arrive then he finds himself embroiled in the free Texas from Mexican rule movement. This drab wren of a western programmer doesn't amount to much. Wilfred Cline's (CALAMITY JANE) sturdy CinemaScope lensing is an asset but Byron Haskin's lackluster direction and the aging McCrea's "going through the motions" performance drag the movie down. The film is over before it even gets going and even the film's big battle finale is a snooze. With the lovely Felicia Farr (3:10 TO YUMA), Jeff Morrow, Wallace Ford, Abraham Sofaer, William Hopper, Roy Roberts and Joel's son, Jody McCrea (BEACH PARTY).

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