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Friday, November 9, 2012

It's My Party (1996)

At the height of the AIDS crisis, an HIV positive architect (Eric Roberts) is diagnosed with PML (lesions on the brain which will eventually cause blindness and dementia) and decides to throw a two day farewell party to say goodbye to friends and family before committing suicide. Based on director Randal Kleiser's (GREASE) ex-lover's actual decision to end his life and throw a party for his friends (Kleiser's film equivalent is played by Gregory Harrison), the film veers dangerously close to sentimentality and I haven't seen this many gay stereotypes since THE BOYS IN THE BAND. But it's an honest sentiment and Roberts' excellent, truthful performance keeps the film grounded. Watching Roberts nuanced performance is a reminder of what a terrific actor he was before his career crashed and burned. Kleiser builds the film slowly until you can't help but be invested in its two main characters (Roberts and Harrison). The huge cast includes some other fine performances, notably Lee Grant as Roberts' Greek mother and Margaret Cho as his best friend. With George Segal, Olivia Newton John, Roddy McDowall, Marlee Matlin (who actually speaks all her lines), Bruce Davison, Sally Kellerman, Nina Foch, Christopher Atkins, Dimitra Arliss and in the film's worst performance, Bronson Pinchot.

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