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Sunday, November 25, 2012

La Francaise Et L'Amour (aka Love And The Frenchwoman) (1960)

A portmanteau film consisting of seven vignettes regarding aspects of the French female, each with a different director and cast: Childhood directed by Henri Decoin, Adolescence directed by Jean Delannoy, Virginity directed by Michel Boisrond, Marriage directed by Rene Clair, Adultery directed by Henri Verneuil, Divorce directed by Christian-Jacque and Single Women directed by Jean Paul Le Chanois. They vary from tedious (Marriage) to mildly amusing (Divorce) with only one stand out, the final tale Single Women in which a gigolo (Robert Lamoureux) attempts to juggle two women (Martine Carol, Silvia Monfort) at the same time with disastrous results. The rest of the players include Jean Paul Belmondo, Annie Girardot, the lovely Dany Robin (TOPAZ), Francois Perrier, Michel Serrault, Paul Meurisse and Jacques Marin.

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