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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Fine Romance (1992)

When their respective spouses run off with each other, an Italian husband (Marcello Mastroianni) and an English wife (Julie Andrews) plot to get their spouses back ... but instead find themselves attracted to each other. Based on the 1959 French play TCHIN TCHIN by Francois Billetdoux by way of the 1962 Broadway production, this mildly amusing (emphasis on mildly) romantic comedy is enhanced by the unlikely chemistry of the strait laced Andrews and the hangdog lech of Mastroianni. The material itself rarely rises above adequate but it's such a pleasure to see the unlikely duo play off each other with such commitment that you'd think they were playing Noel Coward and one shudders to think what the film would be like without them. The Paris location work shot by Franco Di Giacomo (NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING STARS) doesn't hurt any and there's a delightful score by Pino Donaggio. The phlegmatic direction is by Gene Saks (THE ODD COUPLE). With Jonathan Cecil as Andrews' adult son.

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