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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brass Target (1978)

General George S. Patton (George Kennedy) orders $250 million dollars worth of Nazi gold to be sent to Frankfurt, Germany for safe keeping. It never reaches its destination as the shipment is stolen. Determined to find the gold, Patton orders an investigation and as a former OSS officer (John Cassavetes) gets closer to the truth, the corrupt group of American officers responsible for the theft hire an expert hit man (Max Von Sydow) to assassinate Patton. Based on the novel THE ALGONQUIN PROJECT by Frederick Nolan, this is a far fetched but unassuming post-war conspiracy thriller that's passable entertainment if you don't ask too much. The director John Hough makes the most of the German and Swiss locations and plows through the implausibilities as if they weren't there. The actors are decent with Von Sydow coming off best. Top billed Sophia Loren as Cassavetes' love interest is wasted in a role any starlet could have played. There's a nice score by Laurence Rosenthal. With Patrick McGoohan, Robert Vaughn, Bruce Davison and Edward Herrmann.

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