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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Walking Stick (1970)

A withdrawn young woman (Samantha Eggar), who walks with a pronounced limp due to childhood polio, meets a struggling artist (David Hemmings) at a party. He pursues her and a romance blossoms. But does he have ulterior motives? This is one of those little films that slipped through the cracks that deserved a better response from critics and audiences. For the small cult of us that have seen it, it's a little gem. A bittersweet romance where love, once damaged by betrayal, can no longer flourish. That fine actress Samantha Eggar is terrific here in a performance totally without vanity. Based on a novel by Winston Graham (MARNIE). Discreetly directed by Eric Till. With Phyllis Calvert, Emlyn Williams, Francesca Annis, Ferdy Mayne and Dudley Sutton.

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