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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Value For Money (1955)

A young man (John Gregson) has inherited his father's rag business as well as his late father's "thrift" when it comes to spending money. His fiancee (Susan Stephen) refuses to commit to a wedding until he learns to loosen up, enjoy life and not be so tight fisted with his money. To this end, he goes to London where he meets a gold digging showgirl (Diana Dors) and falls in love. The sweet natured little comedy is a real charmer. I'm not fond of English comedies in general, especially 1950s British comedies but this one is hard to resist. The director Ken Annakin is perhaps better known for his big budget adventure films like Disney's SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON or BATTLE OF THE BULGE but he shows an unassuming talent for the genre. He never pushes too hard for the laughs, instead letting us just get the gag before quickly moving on. Dors, an underrated comedienne, looks spectacular. With Donald Pleasence, Joan Hickson, Ernest Thesiger and Ferdy Mayne.

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