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Friday, October 4, 2013

Appointment With Venus (1951)

After the Nazis invade the Channel Islands, the British government realizes a prize breeding cow called Venus is on one of the islands. Determined to keep her out of German hands, they plot a rescue to bring the cow to England for the duration of the war. But how to cownap her under the Nazis' watch? The plot is so daffy that it's hard to believe it's loosely based on an actual incident. But it's actually quite a charming little tale of wartime bravery and chutzpah. The appealing cast is headed by David Niven as the Major in charge of the operation and Glynis Johns as the island native, now working for the war office, returning home. Though not intended as a family movie, it really makes for a film that both adults and kids could enjoy equally. Directed by Ralph Thomas from the novel by Jerrard Tickell with location filming on the island of Sark in the Channel Islands. There's a wonderful score by Benjamin Frankel (NIGHT OF THE IGUANA). Also in the cast: Kenneth More, Barry Jones, George Coulouris and Bernard Lee.

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