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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Berserk! (1967)

When a series of deaths in a traveling circus prove to be murder rather than accidental, the circus owner (Joan Crawford) seems less concerned with the danger than the ensuing publicity which assures sold out houses. This garish circus thriller is as seedy as its circus setting. In between the gory deaths, we're treated to trained poodles going through hoops and a musical number by the bearded lady and the circus strong man! I've never understood the appeal of circus films. While it might be a thrill to see a man walking a tightrope without a net in a real circus, in a movie it's not. Far more disturbing than the film's explicit killings is the "romance" between the 61 year old Crawford and the 37 year old Ty Hardin ("You've got 25% of the circus and a 100% of me!") which can't help but have a necrophilic aura about it. Crawford barks and snaps her way through the film (though her legs are in great shape) but you have to hand it to the lady, she's a Star and she doesn't let you forget it. All in all, a pretty ludicrous film but that's what makes it so morbidly watchable. Directed by Jim O'Connolly. With Diana Dors (still in pretty good shape), Michael Gough, Judy Geeson, Geoffrey Keen, Marianne Stone, Bryan Pringle and George Claydon.

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