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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Captain Apache (1971)

When the U.S. Commissioner (Luis Induni) of Indian Affairs is killed, his dying words are "April morning". It's up to a Captain (Lee Van Cleef), who happens to be Indian, in the U.S. Cavalry to uncover the meaning of those words and why the Commissioner was murdered. This is one crazy ass western! One can't call it a spaghetti western since there's nothing remotely Italian about it, it's Spanish. But it has the flavor of a spaghetti western, notably in its attempt at dark humor and the Morricone infused score by Dolores Claman. But it's a shambles! Yet also so bizarre that, like a train wreck, you can't pull your eyes away. Not content to just play the lead role, Van Cleef "raps" the title song and sings (badly) the end credits song. Then there's the hallucinatory sequence which serves no purpose except that, I suppose, in 1971 it was considered "cool". Directed by Alexander Singer (A COLD WIND IN AUGUST). Co-starring Carroll Baker who is wasted as a floozy and Stuart Whitman as the villain. With Percy Herbert and Hugh McDermott.

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