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Monday, October 14, 2013

Friends With Money (2006)

A group of female friends who, with the exception of one, are upwardly mobile find themselves confronted with a personal crisis. There's Jennifer Aniston as a former teacher now working as a maid who can't let go of the married man she had an affair with, Frances McDormand who has unreasonable anger issues and refuses to wash her hair, Catherine Keener whose husband (Jason Isaacs) is emotionally disconnected and Joan Cusack whose husband (Greg Germann) enjoys spending her money. Director Nicole Holofcener's wry look at upscale friendships where financial security doesn't guarantee an unwrinkled existence is a wonderfully written (also by Holofcener) adult comedy. Granted, the problems of these women may seem trivial compared to, say, underprivileged single mothers living month to month but Holofcener has a wonderful ear for rhythmic and clever dialog that it's hard to resist investing ourselves in their privileged lives. Holofcener was smart enough to have Aniston's seemingly self destructive character as a contrast to the somewhat superior attitude of her gal pals, she acts as a buffer with one foot grounded in a reality the audience can connect to. With Simon McBurney, Scott Caan, Bob Stephenson and Ty Burrell.

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