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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (1955)

Two hunters (Jack Elam, Charles E. Fredericks) pose as photographers and talk a doctor (Peter Van Eyck) into taking them to the Sukulu country which is taboo to white men except for the doctor. When his nurse (Vera Miles) discovers their disguise, she and Tarzan (Gordon Scott) follow to warn him. The Tarzan films can be called many things. Racist? Perhaps. Silly? Most definitely. But dull? This entry in the series certainly comes close. Filmed in Los Angeles with inserts of stock footage (showing much wear and tear) of jungle animal life, this was Scott's debut as Tarzan taking over from Lex Barker. His physique may be magnificent but he has all the presence of a cup of lukewarm tea. He apparently appealed to Miles as they married after the film was shot. It's the usual jungle stuff. Miles sinking in quicksand, natives shouting "Oomgawa!", charging lions, elephant stampedes, cute chimps etc though I could have done without the French kissing chimpanzees. Directed by Harold D. Schuster (MY FRIEND FLICKA). With Rex Ingram (THIEF OF BAGDAD), Richard Reeves, Maidie Norman and Don Beddoe.

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