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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Disembodied (1957)

When a man (Robert Christopher) is attacked by a lion while on a photo shoot in the African jungle, his colleagues (Paul Burke, Joel Marston) take him to the nearest doctor (John Wengraf). The doctor is a misanthrope with a sexy Voodoo priestess (Allison Hayes, ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN) for a wife. This preposterous slice of horror pulp is catnip to fans of kitschy 1950s "B" horror films. Its slapdash script seems thrown together without much thought. It's supposedly set in Africa but the atmosphere seems more Caribbean, just where do you find a chicken to sacrifice in the heart of Africa anyway? But it's not the kind of movie that holds up if you dwell on its improbabilities. Better to enjoy Hayes' bump and grind voodoo dance or the non reaction of the stone faced Burke to all the silliness swirling around him. He can't even be bothered to raise an eyebrow when a character gets stabbed in front of him. Directed by Walter Grauman (LADY IN A CAGE). With Eugenia Paul and Dean Fredericks.

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