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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Girl From Jones Beach (1949)

A commercial artist (Ronald Reagan) and an agent (Eddie Bracken) discover a beautiful girl (Virginia Mayo) on a beach that they think would make the perfect "Randolph" girl, a popular model that is actually comprised of body parts from twelve different girls. However, the girl is a school teacher who would rather be admired for her mind, not her body. This piece of mindless fluff is only sporadically amusing. Even then some of the humor is dubious as when a glass of champagne doused with sleeping pills and intended for suicide is picked up by the wrong person. But some of the humor is refreshingly ribald: when Mayo in a bathing suit is referred to as exhibit A, the judge (Henry Travers) retorts, "Make that double A!". Reagan's "Czech" accent is intentionally all over the place and makes for a few grins also. But overall, its pretty routine. Directed by Peter Godfrey (CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT). With Lola Albright, Helen Westcott, Florence Bates, Jerome Cowan and the silent film star Lois Wilson (THE COVERED WAGON) as Mayo's mother.

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