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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Secret In Their Eyes (2015)

In 2002 Los Angeles and the aftermath of 9/11, a group of federal agents investigating terrorism are shocked when the daughter (Zoe Graham) of one of their agents (Julia Roberts) is found brutally raped and murdered. The head of the department (Alfred Molina) is reluctant to prosecute the suspect (Joe Cole) because he is an important informant so he is released and vanishes. Jump 13 years later and one of the former agents (Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 YEARS A SLAVE) finds the suspect but will justice finally be done? I doubt it will matter to those who were so upset that the 2009 Argentinean Oscar winning film was being "remade" but in reality, it bears little resemblance to the first film. The director Billy Ray (CAPTAIN PHILLIPS) has used the 2009 film as a blueprint for a grittier, less political film. By changing the race (Ejiofor) and gender (Roberts) of two of the characters, Ray has given the film some sexual tension (Ejiofor and Nicole Kidman) that the earlier film lacked and a vulnerability and determination (Roberts) that the male character was weak on. A totally deglamorized Roberts continues her roll after AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY and THE NORMAL HEART with one of her strongest performances. My one complaint is that they shouldn't have messed with the original's ending which was more horrifying than what we're given here. With Dean Norris and Michael Kelly.

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