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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trouble In Paradise (1989)

A beautiful widow (Raquel Welch) and a hard drinking sailor (Jack Thompson, BREAKER MORANT) are shipwrecked on a deserted island after the ship they were on goes down during a storm at sea. Their relationship is antagonistic at first but its not long before an attraction begins to bloom. Movies about a man and a woman being shipwrecked on a desert island are common enough to almost be a genre onto itself. This one adds a touch of THE AFRICAN QUEEN to the mix and if you're in the mood, this can be a pleasant time waster. For fans of Raquel, we're treated to the closest to nudity she's done on film including sex scenes. Fortunately, she and Thompson have a nice low key chemistry and it's also nice to see a rather ordinary (and not so young) bloke romancing the glamour girl instead of the usual hunk. The lush island setting and an adorable mutt only add to the attraction. Sure it's a string of cliches tied together but no one was expecting THE AFRICAN QUEEN. Directed by Di Drew. With Nicholas Hammond and John Gregg.

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