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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Corrupt Ones (1967)

An American photographer (Robert Stack) working in China is given a package from a man (Maurizio Arena) who saved his life when he was on the run from the Red Chinese. Soon it seems everyone knows about the package and wants it ..... even if they have to kill for it. Despite being shot in English and Stack's presence, this isn't an American film but a West German/French and Italian co-production. Directed by James Hill (BORN FREE) but the version I saw which had German titles gives the directorial credit to one Frank Winterstein (a pseudonym?). It's a moderately entertaining Saturday matinee adventure with a touch of Indiana Jones and a smidgen of James Bond. It's not the kind of film that challenges your mind but it's fun in a nutty sort of way what with Macao gangsters, Chinese torture and treasure maps. There's a nifty title song sung by Dusty Springfield. With Elke Sommer, who's inexplicably dubbed when she spoke perfect English though the German language track has her voice. Also in the cast: Nancy Kwan, Werner Peters and Christian Marquand.

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