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Monday, November 23, 2015

That Wonderful Urge (1948)

A sleazy tabloid reporter (Tyrone Power) has been writing a series of unflattering articles on a wealthy heiress (Gene Tierney) without even knowing her. Under an assumed name, he meets her and manages to worm his way into her confidence but when she finds out she's been duped, she plots her revenge. This is a rare case of an actor remaking one of his old movies. This is a remake of LOVE IS NEWS (1937) which starred Power and Loretta Young in Tierney's role. As directed by Robert B. Sinclair, this is a somewhat amusing piece of romcom fluff, the kind of stuff that would be perfected by Rock Hudson and Doris Day in the following years. Power and Tierney aren't exactly noted for their comedic skills but the screenplay allows them to play their characters straight and let the humor comes from the situations. It's a lightweight but the kind of product that the old Hollywood factory turned out with regularity in the 40s. With Reginald Gardiner, Arleen Whalen, Lucile Watson, Chill Wills and Gene Lockhart.

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