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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Holiday In Spain (aka Scent Of Mystery) (1960)

An Englishman (Denholm Elliott) vacationing in Spain stumbles across a plot to murder a young American girl (Beverly Bentley). With the aid of a reluctant taxi driver (Peter Lorre), he attempts to track her down, tell her she's in danger and protect her. Adapted from the novel GHOST OF A CHANCE by Audrey Kelley and William Roos (a married couple) and directed by master cinematographer turned director Jack Cardiff (THE RED SHOES). Originally released as a roadshow in Cinerama (sort of like 3D without the glasses) as SCENT OF MYSTERY and the first film released in Smell-O-Vision, a process where scents would permeate the theater during certain scenes like fresh bread coming out of the oven. The film (and the process) was not a success and the film was released in Europe as HOLIDAY IN SPAIN without the Smell-O-Vision and cut by about 15 minutes. As to the film itself, its plot is a flimsy excuse for a travelogue on Spain. To that end, it's a handsome looking film as we see Spain from her cities to her countryside, from planes and autos and the panorama no doubt would be impressive in actual Cinerama. It's a harmless lightweight curio and an archival example of showmanship in cinema. With Paul Lukas, Diana Dors, Leo McKern, Peter Arne and Elizabeth Taylor, billed here as Liz Rolyat.

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