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Monday, May 30, 2016

Sissi (1955)

An unsophisticated young girl (Romy Schneider) who lives in the Bavarian countryside travels with her mother (Magda Schneider) and older sister (Uta Franz) to Austria where she catches the eye of the young Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (Karlheinz Bohm). Directed by Ernst Marischka, this was a huge hit in Germany and spawned two sequels. It was also Romy Schneider's breakthrough role and made her one of Germany's most popular actresses. All three films were edited down and edited together, dubbed into English and released in America under the title FOREVER MY LOVE in 1962. Although based on real people, the film has a charming fairy tale quality about it with princesses, castles, true love triumphing over all. In fact, Disney-esque is a good way to describe it. Schneider would later play the Empress Elizabeth once again in Visconti's LUDWIG (1973). It's the kind of film 7 year old girls would probably adore but captivating enough to hold the adults attention too. With Gustav Knuth and Vilma Degischer.

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