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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Million Eyes Of Sumuru (1967)

Set in the Far East, a beautiful woman (Shirley Eaton, GOLDFINGER) has plans for world domination by the female sex and destroying the male population (I assume some would be kept around for breeding purposes). Her plans hit a wall when a secret agent (George Nader) stumbles onto her plot. Whew! This is the kind of cheesy bad movie that you can't turn your eyes away from. It tries so hard to be hip but the tossed off one liners fall like a crashing redwood. Example: as Maria Rohm undresses, Frankie Avalon wonders aloud, "I wonder if this is the part where I sing now?". Uh-huh, it's that kind of movie. The film's poster cried out, "She rules a palace of pleasure for women! The most most, diabolical, bizarre woman who ever lived!" That's a lot to live up to and, of course, it doesn't. The most "diabolical" moment in the movie is when a woman breaks a man's neck with her thighs. The film is also rather choppy. When Nader and Avalon decide to escape Sumuru's island, the next thing we see is them on a boat whereas most coherent films show us their escape. Of course, it's a film that was never designed to be taken seriously ..... I hope. Directed by Lindsay Shonteff. With Wilfrid Hyde White. 

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