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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gold (2016)

Set in 1988, a small time opportunistic businessman (Matthew McConaughey) puts everything he has in a partnership with a geologist (Edgar Ramirez) to hunt for gold in the jungles of Indonesia. Before long, they become rich enough to attract some Wall Street companies who want to invest in their company as partners. Directed by Stephen Gaghan (SYRIANA), this is loosely based on the 1993 Bre-X mining 6 billion dollar scandal. I found it decent enough but unexceptional. It's not the kind of film that will resonate (either negatively or positively) with me in the future. While its ending is perceptively ambiguous, there's still a sense of deja vu about the whole thing. You have to hand it to McConaughey. Whether you like him or not, as an actor he commits himself 110% to his roles and he's in top form here. Physically, it's the reverse of his emaciated character in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, here he's overweight, soft and flabby. Although based on true events, a lot of dramatic license is taken, so much that the characters have different names from their real life counterparts. With Bryce Dallas Howard, Stacy Keach, Craig T. Nelson and Joshua Harto.   

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