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Friday, November 18, 2016

Plunder Of The Sun (1953)

An American adventurer (Glenn Ford) in Cuba is persuaded by a private art collector (Francis L. Sullivan) to smuggle a small parcel into Mexico. But that parcel contains a map to a treasure and there are other people who are determined to  get it ..... even if they have to lie, cheat and kill. Based on the novel by David Dodge (TO CATCH A THIEF) and directed by John Farrow. This minor adventure flick is modestly if predictably entertaining should have gone the extra mile and been shot in Technicolor. The B&W lensing by Jack Draper is handsome enough but the Oaxaca and Veracruz locations (including the Zapotecan ruins) cry out out for vivid colors. It's your standard dumb Yankee gets in over his head in a Latin American country action/adventure movie but even taking that into account, Ford's character seems incredibly naive and gullible for a man who lives by his wits and his fists. On the plus side, Diana Lynn and Patricia Medina make for an attractive pair of femme fatales. With Sean McClory, Eduardo Noriega, Julio Villarreal and Douglass Dumbrille. 

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