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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Man In The Dark (1953)

A criminal (Edmond O'Brien), who's stolen $130,000, undergoes surgery to remove his criminal tendencies. The surgery works but it totally removes his memory of his previous life. When his old gang kidnap him and demand to know what he did with the money, he truly doesn't know! Directed by Lew Landers (1935's THE RAVEN), this was originally filmed in 3D. I'm not a fan of 3D but I suppose the film might have played better with the novelty of having things shoved in your face or getting run over by a rollercoaster. Without the gimmick of 3D, it's just a passable programmer. The most interesting aspect of the film (outside of the 3D) is how dreams are used to solve the mystery of what happened to the stolen money. The film itself is a remake of a 1936 Ralph Bellamy movie called THE MAN WHO LIVED TWICE which I've never seen. The film was a rush job (shot in 11 days) to cash in on the 3D craze and it feels like it. If only a little more time had been spent on the script, it might have stood on its own legs without 3D like HONDO or HOUSE OF WAX. With Audrey Totter as O'Brien's moll, Ted De Corsia, Horace McMahon and Nick Dennis.

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