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Monday, November 21, 2016

Murder On The Orient Express (2010)

The famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) finds himself a passenger of the Calais coach on the Orient Express. He is approached by an unpleasant passenger (Toby Jones) and offered a large amount of cash for protection which he refuses. The next morning, the passenger is found dead in his compartment with 12 stab wounds. Based on the classic Agatha Christie novel and directed by Philip Martin. Reputedly the best selling novelist of all time, Agatha Christie wrote clever precisely constructed murder mysteries, intricate puzzles that engaged the reader who pored over the pages for possible clues. Yet why do so many adapters of her work feel the need to "improve" on her? The 1974 Sidney Lumet film version was pure bliss for a moviegoers and mystery fans alike. Here, they've decided to rewrite Christie to give the story a more politically correct ending with Poirot behaving like he would never ever do in one of the Christie books. She must have been spinning in her grave. I've never understood the praise for Suchet's Poirot. I've read every Poirot novel and Suchet is not the Poirot of the books. The cast is good but to no avail, it seemed doomed from the start. With Jessica Chastain, Barbara Hershey, Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville, Susanne Lothar and Brian J. Smith.

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