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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Beyond The Time Barrier (1960)

A U.S. Air Force pilot (Robert Clarke) accidentally crashes through the time barrier 107 years into the future, the year 2024 to be exact. When he lands on Earth, he finds that it is inhabited by a handful of survivors of a 1971 plague that rendered the population mute and sterile that live in an underground city. Directed by cult director Edgar G. Ulmer (THE BLACK CAT), a favorite of the auteur crowd, who is known for bringing style and an unconventional eye to often subpar material. Alas, this cheap throwaway shot in 10 days on a Texas fairground is a tedious affair. The most interesting thing about it is its production design by Ernst Fegte (FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO) which seems inspired by FORBIDDEN PLANET. Even Boyd "Red" Morgan is made up to look like Walter Pidgeon from that film. The patched together screenplay by Arthur C. Pierce doesn't make much sense and simply put, Ulmer isn't able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear in this case. The acting is pretty crappy across the board. With Vladimir Sokoloff, John Van Dreelan, Stephen Bekassy, Darlene Tompkins and Arianne Ulmer (Edgar's daughter). 

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