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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

La Minute De Verite (1952)

On the eve of his anniversary, a doctor (Jean Gabin) is called away on an emergency when a man (Daniel Gelin) attempts suicide. It is then he discovers that the suicide victim is his wife's (Michele Morgan) lover. As the man hovers between life and death in the hospital, the doctor confronts his wife and through a long night and flashbacks, we learn of the complex infidelity. Directed by Jean Delannoy, this is in many ways an unsettling film. One's loyalties shift to each of the three protagonists and back again. One can't condemn the adulterous wife and she is a sympathetic character, the cuckold husband is no saint but in some ways ..... he is but in some ways, he's a cold monster. The lover is by turns irritating and heartbreaking. Delannoy's eye on infidelity isn't black and white and when the film ends, we're still conflicted. The film reunites the two icons of French cinema (Gabin and Morgan) 14 years later from PORT OF SHADOWS and how vastly different their roles from the Marcel Carne classic. With Lia De Leo and Simone Paris.  

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