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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

On Approval (1944)

Two members of the British upper class, a Duke (Clive Brook) and his friend (Roland Culver), have breeding but no money. A wealthy widow (Beatrice Lillie) and an American heiress (Googie Withers) plot to spend a month with them on a secluded island to determine their suitability as husband material. Based on the 1926 play by Frederick Lonsdale and co-written and directed by the film's star, Clive Brook. There is a great affection for this sophisticated drawing room comedy but I was slightly underwhelmed. The dialog is witty and droll enough but the film's biggest problem is its star/director/ writer, Clive Brook. Of the four leads, he is the weakest. To make his part work, the actor who plays it (a rather narcissistic ne'er do well) needs a lot of charm and the charmless Brook is the most unappealing of the quartet. I'd love to have seen what a Cary Grant would have done with the part. The remaining three are fine and in the case of Beatrice Lillie, a lot more than fine. The costumes are by Cecil Beaton. With Marjorie Rhodes. 

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