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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Tunnel Of Love (1958)

As their fifth anniversary approaches, a Connecticut couple (Doris Day, Richard Widmark) that have trouble conceiving apply to adopt a child. But after passing out after a night on the town with a beautiful social worker (Gia Scala), the husband discovers that he might have conceived without his wife! Based on the Broadway play by Peter De Vries and Joseph Fields by way of the novel by De Vries and directed by Gene Kelly. This racy sex comedy is one of the better examples of its genre. Despite being top billed (and singing the title song), the film belongs more to Widmark than to Doris Day. It's a treat to see Widmark playing against type and treading into Jack Lemmon/Rock Hudson territory. Widmark brings an actor's gravitas to the part and underplays the comedic hijinks which makes his character more believable than if he were just going for the laughs. Unfortunately, the public at that time weren't taken with Widmark stepping outside his comfort zone and the film wasn't a success. With Gig Young, Elisabeth Fraser and Elizabeth Wilson.      

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