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Friday, June 16, 2017

After The Sunset (2004)

After pulling one last jewel heist, a master thief (Pierce Brosnan) and his mistress (Salma Hayek) retire to the Bahamas. But an FBI agent (Woody Harrelson) refuses to believe they've left crime behind them and tracks them to their island paradise. When a luxury liner pulls into the harbor carrying a priceless diamond, will it be too much to resist? Directed by Brett Ratner (RUSH HOUR), this is a highly enjoyable heist caper benefiting greatly from the lush tropical Bahamas location beautifully lensed by Dante Spinotti (L.A. CONFIDENTIAL). Ratner bungles the last few minutes of the film which leaves a small but decided bad taste but not enough to ruin it. Brosnan and Hayek make for an attractive couple but the scene stealing couple are Harrelson and Naomie Harris (MOONLIGHT) as a Bahamas police detective who have a wonderful chemistry. I wouldn't have minded if the film concentrated more on them than Brosnan and Hayek. Inconsequential really as cinema but a diverting heist movie nevertheless. With Don Cheadle, Chris Penn and cameos by Dyan Cannon and Edward Norton.

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