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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

If A Man Answers (1962)

The young daughter (Sandra Dee) of a conservative Bostonian (John Lund) and an ex- Folies Bergere showgirl (Micheline Presle) falls in love with a playboy (Bobby Darin) and somehow manages to snag him into marriage. But how to keep him happy? She turns to her French mother for advice which backfires! Based on the novel by Winifred Wolfe and drected by Henry Levin (WHERE THE BOYS ARE). This being a Ross Hunter production, Dee is a junior grade Doris Day who wears a glamorous Jean Louis wardrobe cooking gourmet meals in spite of the fact her husband is a struggling photographer. It's also a pre-feminist 1962 so it's all about getting a man and keeping him happy! It's a souffle of a romantic comedy but the laughs are of the sitcom kind and not a very good sitcom at that. Still, if you have an attachment to Sandra Dee (as I do!) and early 60s Ross Hunter then you'll be in hog heaven. If you're not, chances are you'll be looking at your watch a lot. With Stefanie Powers as Dee's shallow bitchy friend, Cesar Romero (who doesn't turn up until the last 20 minutes) and Charlene Holt.

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