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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Someone To Watch Over Me (1987)

A newly appointed police detective (Tom Berenger) from Queens is assigned to protect a Manhattan socialite (Mimi Rogers) after she witnesses a murder. The elegance and pedigree of the socialite contrasts with the down to earth brassiness of the detective's wife (Lorraine Bracco), an ex-policewoman, and he finds himself crossing a dangerous line. Directed by Ridley Scott (ALIEN), the movie manages to overcome some hard to swallow plot points and this is mainly due to a combination of style and some strong camera work by Steven Poster (DONNIE DARKO). The film's biggest flaw is the killer (Andreas Katsulas), who is so moronic in his actions. He has every opportunity to get out of town and away from the police but instead he plows in like a bull in a china shop, practically begging to be caught by the cops. Does he really think that by piling up the body count, he won't get caught and convicted? If you can overlook that, it just might work for you. It would have helped too if they had made Bracco less shrill and more likable or appealing. The way it stands, who wouldn't want to exchange her for Rogers? With John Rubinstein, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Tony Di Benedetto and Meg Mundy.

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