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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Lady From The Sea (1974)

Married to a much older widower (Denholm Elliott) with daughters (Carole Nimmons, Lynne Frederick) nearly her own age, a woman (Eileen Atkins) begins to exhibit strange and anxious behaviors. It is only when her husband discovers a promise she made prior to their marriage that they must deal with the long suppressed aftermath. Based on Henrik Ibsen's 1888 play and directed by Basil Coleman. Like his HEDDA GABLER and A DOLL'S HOUSE, Ibsen's LADY FROM THE SEA has a rich and complex central female character. SEA isn't as accessible as HEDDA and HOUSE so it isn't as frequently performed which is a pity. Like Hedda and Nora, Atkins' Ellida is a victim of a patriarchal society where options for women are severely limited and the ability to control their fate are often decided by males. This is a filmed play, a faithful rendering of Ibsen's material with a fine performance by Atkins that holds the film together. Natasha Kroll's production design is a thing of beauty and her house and garden set makes one dream of living there. With Clifford Rose, Michael Feast and James Laurenson.

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