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Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Strange Adventure (1956)

Two armored car robbers (Jan Merlin, Nick Adams) and their moll (Marla English) force a young hot rodder (Ben Cooper) to be their driver during the hold up. But their plans to escape hit a snag when they find themselves holed up in a snowbound cabin with no means of escape until the snow thaws. Directed by the veteran B western director William Witney. I miss small and efficient programmers like this one which usually ran a compact  hour and 5 to 15 minutes. Films today are often overly and unnecessarily long running past the two hour mark. Films like this little crime thriller don't waste time and get down to business with just enough characterization (if slightly simplified) to carry the plot along. No fat, just lean. This one is nicely shot in B&W by Bud Thackery (COOGAN'S BLUFF) and enough tension to hold your interest through out. My one complaint is the rushed deus ex machina ending. Merlin's trigger happy thug is a bit overdone but the rest of the performances are just fine. With Joan Evans and Peter Miller. 

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