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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Lady Says No (1952)

A photographer (David Niven) on assignment from Life magazine is scheduled to do a photo layout of the best selling author (Joan Caulfield) of a feminist best seller. He immediately finds her attractive but they clash over their different outlooks. Directed by Frank Ross, who was married to the film's star Joan Caulfield at the time. It's a rather inane romantic comedy typical of the period in which a woman with feminist leanings is looked at as some sort of freak and, of course, it all ends happily when she realizes that what she needs is a man to make her happy! One could still enjoy it considering the era in which it was made if it were remotely amusing but it's a dull affair. Niven is certainly an expert in sophisticated comedy and Caulfield has a certain animated charm but neither can do anything to elevate the script. The handsome Carmel and Monterey locations are nicely shot by James Wong Howe so it's a pity that the film wasn't shot in color as it might have given the movie a needed shot in the arm. With Henry Jones, James Robertson Justice, Frances Bavier, Peggy Maley and Jeff York.

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