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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Easy To Love (1953)

The swimming star (Esther Williams) of a Cypress Gardens (in Florida) water spectacular is taken advantage of by her boss (Van Johnson), who doesn't know she's in love with him. When he takes her on a trip to New York, things change when she meets a popular crooner (Tony Martin). Directed by Charles Walters (GOOD NEWS), this is a typical Esther Williams vehicle. Water ballets, songs, Technicolor, romance and some weak comedy. Audiences ate it up and this was one of MGM's big hits of 1953. How does one critique a movie like this? As far as Williams' filmography goes, this one is middling. Although directed by Walters, the film's production numbers were created by Busby Berkeley. It's too predictable to be much fun but if you're a sucker for Esther Williams movies, this should please you. With Carroll Baker (in her film debut), Cyd Charisse, John Bromfield, King Donovan and Edna Skinner.

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