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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Legacy (1978)

An American interior designer (Katharine Ross) and her boyfriend (Sam Elliott) are traveling in England when they have a motorcycle accident. A seemingly good Samaritan (John Standing) invites them into his home, ostensibly for tea. But when they arrive there, not only do they find they are expected but there are an eccentric array of other house guests too. Co-written by the Hammer writer and director Jimmy Sangster and directed by Richard Marquand (RETURN OF THE JEDI). This rather absurd horror film is surprisingly tame for a movie featuring some rather graphic violent images. I can't make a case for it being any good at all but it's rather entertaining in its silliness. Ross is lovely (she has sensual hair) and Elliott is solid but it's the debauched and/or malevolent supporting characters including a scene stealing white cat that make it watchable. There's a dreadful underscore by Michael J. Lewis. With Roger Daltrey, Margaret Tyzack, Hildegard Neil, Charles Gray and Lee Montague.  

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