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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look In Any Window (1961)

An affluent suburb is victimized by a Peeping Tom terrorizing housewives. But the Peeping Tom is actually a troubled teen (pop singer Paul Anka) with an unhappy home life which includes a promiscuous mother (Ruth Roman) and a drunk for a father (Alex Nicol). Adultery and alcoholism in the suburbs about sums it up. If a neighbor isn't actually sleeping with his neighbor's wife, he's coveting her. In one scene, the married Ruth Roman is watering her lawn when married Jack Cassidy (in his film debut) drives by in his Mercedes and before you can shake a stick, she drops the hose and jumps in the car and they're off to Las Vegas! Talk about your desperate housewives. Even the policemen are freaks, one cop thinks women are sluts for wearing shorts and gets his kicks bitch slapping homosexuals walking their poodles. It's not a good movie but it's a fascinating watch. The only film directed by film producer William Alland (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THIS ISLAND EARTH). With Carole Mathews, Gigi Perreau and George Dolenz.

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