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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Psyche 59 (1964)

After a traumatic experience that she can't remember, a woman (Patricia Neal) loses her eyesight. But there is no natural cause, it's psychosomatic. When her self absorbed younger sister (Samantha Eggar) returns home from America and moves in with her sister and her husband (Curt Jurgens), the domestic situation becomes very intense and the woman tries to unravel the dark secret that caused her blindness. Directed by Alexander Singer (A COLD WIND IN AUGUST), this is an odd little film that seems to be a thriller on the verge of turning into one of those "slutty sister and brother in law plot to murder the wife" scenarios but it never comes to fruition. Instead, what we get is not a thriller at all but a domestic drama with a pinch of psychological pepper to spice things up. Pity it never develops into something more substantial because the performances are all quite good. Kenneth V. Jones did the jazzy score. Based on the novel by Francoise Des Ligneris. With Ian Bannen and Beatrix Lehmann.

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