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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Rage Of Paris (1938)

An impoverished French emigre (Danielle Darrieux in her Hollywood film debut) assisted by her best friend (Helen Broderick) and a maitre d' (Mischa Auer, MY MAN GODFREY) moves into a posh New York hotel. Their aim is for her to catch a rich husband and share the profits. Darrieux, one of the treasures of French cinema, deserved more than inheriting this screwball farce retread. Couldn't Universal borrow Ginger Rogers from RKO? It's genial enough in fits and spurts and while Darrieux is charming, she's no Jean Arthur. The film was a failure and Darrieux returned to France and didn't return to Hollywood for 13 years. But it's harmless and Henry Koster (THREE SMART GIRLS) directs with the efficiency of a traffic cop. With Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Louis Hayward as the two marrying candidates and Harry Davenport.

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