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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soft Targets (1982)

A soviet journalist (Ian Holm) stationed in London is paranoid that the British Secret Service thinks he's a spy and is following him around. But is his paranoia justified ... or is he a Soviet agent? Things get complicated when he meets a disaffected young Brit (Helen Mirren) and forms an attachment to her. An efficacious screenplay by Stephen Poliakoff and deft direction by Charles Sturridge (TV's BRIDESHEAD REVISITED) combined with two excellent central performances by Holm and Mirren make for an intriguing production. The Cold War was waning but it's an interesting look at how Soviets were (often) misperceived by western society. The irony is that Holm's character is a foreigner in an alien country yet in her own way, Mirren is a foreigner in her own country. A nice understated score by Geoffrey Burgon. With Nigel Havers, Celia Gregory, Julian Sands, Rupert Everett and Desmond Llewelyn.

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