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Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Man Of Her Own (1932)

A crooked gambler (Clark Gable) hiding out in a small town finds himself attracted to the local librarian (Carole Lombard). She rebuffs his attempts at seduction and insists on marriage. They marry and return to New York but he doesn't tell her of his true vocation. Most notable for being the only on screen pairing of Gable and Lombard (though they were still married to others at the time), what's surprising is how little sparks they generate together. Granted, this rather dreary romantic drama isn't the most scintillating of vehicles but it's a pity that the one pairing of one of Hollywood's most famous couples is more milk than champagne. Still it's not a bad film, just indifferently made. Very loosely based on a novel by Val Lewton and directed by Wesley Ruggles (I'M NO ANGEL). With Dorothy Mackaill, Grant Mitchell and Elizabeth Patterson.

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