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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day The World Ended (1955)

After a nuclear war has seemingly wiped out most of mankind, seven survivors find their way to a valley whose mountains are filled with lead which protects them from the radiation. They are a geologist (Richard Denning), an ex-military man (Paul Birch) and his daughter (Lori Nelson), a thug (Mike Connors) and his stripper girlfriend (Adele Jergens), a radiation infected stranger (Paul Dubov), a prospector (Raymond Hatton) and his mule. This super low budget quickie (it was shot in 10 days and looks it) produced and directed by Roger Corman is a typical post apocalyptic 1950s piece of science fiction. Its amateurish script could have been written by a 14 year old and with one exception, the actors may as well be reading their lines off cue cards for all the feeling they bring to their line readings. The one exception is Jergens as the aging stripper who brings some much needed juice to her part even though it remains a cliche, but at least she knows how to punch out her lines. It remains what it was intended to be, a rather ludicrous if enjoyable piece of "B" sci-fi. With Jonathan Haze (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS).

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