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Monday, January 26, 2015

Home At Seven (1952)

A banker (Ralph Richardson) returns home from work promptly at seven as usual to find his wife (Margaret Leighton) hysterical and demanding to know where he was. Mystified, he tells her he was at work as usual but she tells him he's been gone for 24 hours. He insists it was a usual Monday work day but she points out that, in fact, it's Tuesday. He can't remember the 24 hours after leaving work the day before and arriving home. So when an acquaintance of his turns up murdered, what's he going to do for an alibi? The only film directed by Sir Ralph Richardson is based on a 1950 play of the same title. It's a neat black and white mystery (whose ultimate solution is a wee bit disappointing) with a juicy lead role which is I assume is why Richardson was attracted to it, both as an actor and a director. Richardson's character begins to doubt himself until he eventually assumes the burden of guilt even though the evidence is purely circumstantial. Offering solid support are Leighton as his loyal wife and Jack Hawkins as the family doctor. If you're a fan of English mysteries, this should please you. With Campbell Singer, Michael Shepley and Meriel Forbes.

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